born of loss, made in gratitude, with the strength and hope to comfort

On May 11, 2020, we lost 5 water men to the sea at Scheveningen. As a result of this terrible event with an enormous impact, several people started to write and share poems. Anna Oosterling & Hans van den Broek took the initiative to compile a number of these poems in a memorial book.

Subsequently, a number of photographers (including Sebastiaan Heitkamp, ​​Marinus Joris and myself), illustrator Willem Cattersel and designer Dim Rooker) were asked to design this book.

We did this together, completely selflessly, hoping to be able to offer some comfort with this special booklet. You can order the memorial book via The Shore by donating an amount of your choice. With a donation above the cost price of € 20, you make the book available for someone else who has less to spend. If there is enough interest, a reprint will follow and what remains will go to the heroes of the KNRM - Royal Dutch Rescue Society. Thank you everyone for all the support!



north sea explorations and beyond

From the Netherlands to Down Under, Jop Hermans is familiar with all things surf and travel, no matter the conditions. Jop has experienced the surf scene in these locations through surfing and the lens of several cameras. Perfect swell or not, Jop’s ability to capture pristine moments and stop time in the water is something worth talking about.

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