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Jop Hermans, born in 1981, is a freelance photographer. His style is a mix of Fine Art, minimalism, lifestyle, surf and landscape.

As a photographer, Jop has found his focus on the coast. What he’s looking for mostly is to combine surfing and the sea as a subject, with landscape photography. Cast in an often moody and colorful jacket. Strange, but also admirable to remember, is that almost all of his work from recent years was shot on the small stretch of coast near Scheveningen.

Inspiration wise he likes to look at artists that have an artistic and colourful view on picturing the surf and its environment.

Looking to the future Jop especially wants to keep the joy of creating images. "Inspiration is something I can find everywhere, even in Scheveningen after all these years of taking photographs in the same village by the sea. There is still a lot of coastline in Europe that’d like to visit, traveling with a camera and surfboard. My plan is to go on a trip with a group of experienced surfers. In search of special places, remote, where impressive scenery and the sea come together".

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